Land works Services

Providing urban and wildland defensible space for Northern California.


  • Large scale fuel reduction and defensible space projects.
  • Mastication and vegetation management utilizing heavy equipment & hand work.
  • Landslide repair.
  • Erosion control.
  • Drainage work.
  • Riparian corridor reconstruction.
  • Remote trail-building and maintenance.
  • Water collection, storage retention and distribution for emergency and non-emergency purposes.
  • Community defensible space planning including but not limited to evacuation.
  • Revolving vegetation management planning and maintenance.
  • Working in concerted efforts with local fire agencies.
  • Large multi-acre projects a specialty.
  • Poison oak removal and management

Customers reviews

What people say?

“We were daunted at the thought of making this property a fully defensible space, but LandWorks made it easy. We sleep well at night now, knowing we are safe.”

Laurence Rico

“I’m so glad I found LandWorks! The estimate was reasonable and the work fast and efficient, especially considering the state of the place. I’ll be telling everyone I know to call.”

Lulu Parks